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564 260
Kani - Maldives
306 386 240
Cherating Beach - Malaysia
210 450 310
Bintan Island - Indonesia
54 52
Finolhu Villas - Maldives
180 350 393
Bali - Indonesia
80 366 340
Phuket - Thailand
480 536 330
Guilin - China
474 196
Sahoro Hokkaido - Japan
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"Definitely one of the best destination to consider if we want to escape the city and for a group getaway."

This is our second Club Med experience. We were pleasantly surprised by the level of service and friendliness accorded by the GOs since the first experience in Cherating Beach, Malaysia. Thank you for making our stay truly memorable. You guys have made Club Med Bintan Island among the resort to be recommended for our company trip.

Our group outing in Phuket was great. We enjoyed our stay there very much =) We would surely love to go again in the future, maybe another Club Med resort next time =)